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You can help
to control your solid
waste management
costs by implementing
ways to reduce your
waste stream:

  • Make double sided
  • Reuse the blank sides of paper for notes
  • Reduce the size of page margins (top, bottom and sides)
  • Reuse packing materials
  • Switch to cloth towels instead of using paper towels
  • Use ceramic mugs
    instead of styrofoam coffee cups
  • Send documents electornically whenever possible
Business Recycling Services  

LJP provides comprehensive singe sort recycling services to businesses throughout the central and southern Minnesota.
We will work with you to provide a recycling program that works for your business.

•We accept all office paper grades within a 100-mile radius of Mankato MN.
•We can handle small to large amounts of recyclables from 48 gallon containers to 8 yard boxes.
•Charges are based on number of containers and type of service requested.
•We also accept newsprint, magazines, and shredded paper.

•We can recycle #1 thru #7 plastics, shrink wrap, styrene, and vinyl.
•We can also accept other types of plastics if you have a large volume.


•We accept many different kinds of metals for recycling.
•LJP collects metals and transports them to the marketplace for our customers. The market makes a check out to the business that supplied the materials.
•This is done as a service for LJP customers.

•Pallets are accepted from LJP customers.
•Pallets are transported to markets where they are either re-built or shredded into colored landscaping mulch.

We have a variety of containers
for collecting your recycling that will fit into your
space requirements.



Over 17,000 tons of paper products were recycled by
LJP every year!


Contact LJP Enterprises
to help you with you business' recycling needs!


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